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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

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Waterfall Tall
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Brine Shrimp Eggs (Sea Monkeys)
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Arowana Cure
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Soon Heng Fish Tanks Tropical Fish Dealer shopSoon Heng Fish Tanks Tropical Fish Dealer is a retailer of aquarium fish tanks, tropical fishes and pet accessories. Our products include manufactured and custom built fish tanks, lighting lamps, stands and deco, tank filters and air pumps. We also showcase a large variety of fishes, fish food and feeds, fish medication, water plants, gravel and rocks, and many accessories such as nets, tank cleaners and water conditioners. 

Fish foodWe are situated in Singapore, an island country about one degree north of the Equator which is one of the biggest supplier of ornamental tropical fish in Asia and the World. We also import/export fish related products and accessories from countries as far away as Germany. Most of our fish tanks are manufactured right here in Singapore. We delight in providing a "one-stop" shop to meet our customers' aquarium needs.

Fish careOur main customers are mainly pet fish hobbyists and pet lovers. We are in the process of planning bundled aquarium packages for both new fish lovers and experienced hobbyists, and is launching a newly designed fish tank called the Waterfall. Read more about our Waterfall fish tanks here.

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Home page

Click to contact us here!Soon Heng Fish Tanks Tropical Fish Dealer

Blk 716 Yishun Street 71 #01-272
Singapore 760716

Tel: (65)-6755-9769

See an interactive map of our location.

For additional information, please contact us here.

Business Hours

9:30am to 9:00pm

Weekends / Public Holidays
9:30am to 6:00pm

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    By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A major water main ruptured underneath a street near the University of California, Los Angeles on Tuesday, unleashing a 20-foot-tall geyser that flooded part of the campus and stranded motorists on surrounding streets. The water gushed across the north end of the campus for several hours, submerging athletic fields and pouring into an underground parking ...
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